Friday, October 23, 2009

Step 3 >> How To Create Counter Strike Online Private Server the hamachi way

By now, if you have completed the earlier two steps successfully, you are just a few more steps in getting your very own Counter Strike Online Private Server.

This is how Counter Strike 1.6 Should look like.

1) Click on the Dedicated Server shortcut botton on your desktop and this is what you should see ( or something similar).

Select the following:

Game --> Counter Strike

Server name--> rename to anything you want. this will what your server name would be

Map--> Your Counter Strike server game's map. my favorite is fy_ice world :)

Network--> Internet

Max Player--> 24

UDP Port--> anything from 27015-27020. Inportant : Remerber what UDP Port number did you select.

RECON Password---> I set it as 123

2) Press the ' Start server' button.

When you see this box, this show that your very own Counter Strike Online Private Server is up and running!


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